develogic subsea systems

Base Housing


The develogic base housing features an inner diameter of 87mm with two optional inner usable lengths: 230mm and 500mm. With our base housing you chose a small but very effective solution to operate reliable in depths of 6,000m.

The deep-water-version (DW.Base) is completely made of titanium to offer superior corrosion resistance. Our shallow water version (SW.Base) features a pressure tube made of resistive fiber-reinforced synthetics.

End caps for interface connectors and transducers are available.

Technical Data

- Outer Diameter: 114mm
- Inner Diameter 87mm
- Outer Length 294mm (SW/DW.Base standard) / 564mm (SW/DW.Base extended)
- Inner Length 230mm (SW/DW.Base standard) / 500mm (SW/DW.Base extended)
- Outer Shell: fibre reinforced POM (SW.Base) / titanium (DW.Base)
- Cap Plates: titanium
Operating Depth
- Rated and tested to: 750m (SW.Base) / 6,000m (DW.Base)
- Weight in Air – SW.Base: 3.5kg (SW.Base standard) / 5.3kg (SW.Base extended)
- Weight in Air – DW.Base: 6.8kg (DW.Base standard) /11.9kg (DW.Base extended)
- Displacement: 3.0l (SW/DW.Base standard) / 5.8l (SW/DW.Base extended)
- Max. Connectors per Cap: 3 (BH / MCBH)


- Superior corrosion resistance
- Small form factor
- Low weight
- Cost effective design


- Rechargeable battery pack
- Presure relief valve with rebound functionality
- Pressure port for internal sensor mounting
- Mooring frames, rated 10kN operating load, stainless steel or titanium