develogic subsea systems

DW.TH Large Standard Housing


Our latest development, the DW.TH large standard housing, combines all the attractive features of our DW.TH housing. The develogic DW.TH large standard housing measures an inner diameter of 182mm and an inner usable length of 650mm. Principally used material is titanium. The DW.TH large housing can be used reliably in up to 6,000m depth.

The DW.TH caps are made of titanium in order to provide best rigidity. Cap plates are convertible and can be re-ordered at develogic. Our caps can be fixed by a user-friendly integral locking sleeve.

Technical Data

- Outer Diameter: 216mm
- Inner Diameter: 182mm
- Outer Length: 731mm
- Inner Length: 650mm
- Tube and caps Titanium
- Locking ring Glass-fibre reinforced POM
Operating Depth
- Rated and tested to: 6,000m
- Weight in Air: 28.25kg
- Displacement: 23.6l
- Max. Connectors per Cap: 11 (MCBH8)


- Superior corrosion resistance
- No leaking during long term deployments in deep water
- Tool-less servicing
- Cost effective modular design


- Refillable battery compartment
- Presure relief valve with rebound functionality
- Pressure port for internal sensor mounting
- Mooring frames, rated 10kN operating load, stainless steel or titanium