develogic acoustic modem Modoo

Underwater Communication Systems

Acoustic underwater communication systems are the key component if real time data collection from seafloor or mooring sensor platforms is required. develogic HAM.BASE hydroacoustic modem enables new applications not possible with offline data logging – especially when they are combined with our satellite and RF telemetry system RCOM.

In the past, the information were already out-dated when it became available for analysis – often system malfunction could not be detected until the subsea sensor platforms were recovered. Now, the remote data link allows immediate reaction – and often replacement of malfunctioning equipment is not even necessary as our telemetry systems allow online system reconfiguration and optimization for most oceanographic sensors with digital interfaces.

develogic hydro acoustic modem is available in several configurations covering near shore shallow water applications, long range (up to 30,000m) horizontal communication or real deep water telemetry (tested down to 6,200m).

You have a need for collecting subsea sensor data – develogic provides the solution to deliver your data from your instrument on the seafloor to the database in your desktop.