develogic acoustic recorder Sono.Vault

Acoustic Recorder and Signal Analyzer – Sono.Vault


The develogic Sono.Vault acoustic recorder and signal analyzer is designed for long- termrecording and monitoring of marine acoustic emissions.

Driving design parameters during development were energy-efficiency, premiumrecording quality, application flexibility and ruggedness.

The system is able to record acoustic signals continuously with sampling rates up to 96kHz @24bit sample resolution and 196ksps @16bit. The system can also record according to programmable schedule. The total recording capacity is extendable up to 4.4TB

In order to support long-term monitoring with spectral frequencies up to 100 kHz, various triggering and sampling schemes are available.

Depending on the sampling rates, the develogic Sono.Vault system is able to record
acoustic data continuously for several years (1).

Applications include recording of marine mammals acoustic signatures, monitoring of acoustic emissions during offshore construction works and testing of marine acoustic systems.

Each recorder is individually calibrated.

Depending on the required deployment period, various battery and memory configurations are available. The most compact entry level system is hosted in one of our base housings (see housing brochure). For long term operations, housing solutions with battery capacities up to 9,000Wh are available allowing deployment durations up to 5 years and more.

(1) XT-Version

(2) E.g. 5ksps @ 24bit

Technical Data

Sampling Rates
- 16 bit up to 220ksps (1) (effective resolution 14.4 bits @220ksps (1))
- 24 bit up to 20/48ksps (1) (effective resolution 19.1 bit @48ksps (1))
- Spherical, differential Hydrophone, depth rated to 3,500m
- 3Hz to 100kHz – depending on sampling parameters
- Programmable input preamplifier (6dB  to 48dB)
- Programmable input attenuator (-20dB) for measuring high sound pressure
Sampling Rates
- 16 bits up to 450kHz
- 24 bit up to 96kHz
Fully differential hydrophone, depth rated to 2,000m
- 3Hz (-3db) to 250kHz (-3db) – limited by sampling rate
- Programmable amplification 18dB, 24dB, 30dB 36dB
- Corrosion proof DW.TH housing, depth rated to 6,000m (hydrophones: 3,500m/2,000m)
- Shallow water version with MCH housing rated to 750m
- High mass, vibration attenuating hydrophone mount
- Outer diameter: 129.5mm
- Outer length: 910mm
(double system housing)
- Weight in air, no batteries: 11.9kg
- Up to 5 modules, each with 7 SDHC/SDXC slots / storage module, supporting memory cards with currently up to 256GB capacity
Recording Capacity
1,792GB per storage module, up to 5 modules
Internal Battery Capacity
- Up to 4,500Wh – Recording time up to more than 2 years (depending on configuration)
Signal Processing / Analysis Functions (3)
- Recording trigger based on energy threshold and frequency patterns
- Periodic spectral recording
- Digital filtering
Precision Time Base
<0.035  ppm drift/year  standard (ca. 1.1s /year)
- 1x RS232 for configuration and interfacing to telemetry systems (HAM.NODE, HAM.BASE R.COM)
- Ethernet (upon request)
- Symmetricon CSAC for high precision time base (<0,0012 ppm, ca. 0.04 s / year)

(1) XT-Version

(2) E.g. 5ksps @ 24bit

(3) Requires optional DSP Module


November- December, 2010

develogic delivered nine Sono Vaults to the AWI ( Alfred-Wegener-Institute) for recording the whale sounds in the ocean. One of the Sono Vaults has been deployed next to the coast of Namibia (position 22°S 5°W) during the Polarstern cruise expedition ANTXVII. The deployment of the other eight Sono Vaults took place during another cruise in the area of the Antarctica.

All of the nine Sono Vaults were deployed in its mooring frame included in a mooring chain (depth of around 1,000 m).



Our brochure can be downloaded here: Sono.Vault