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Refillable Battery Container


Battery Container

The develogic refillable battery containers are designed to fit inside our MCH composite pressure housings that are available for shallow (up to 750m) and deep water (up to 6,000m) as well as into our range of Deep Water Titanium Housing (DW.TH). The battery containers can be mounted onto the DW.TH and MCH standard, compact and large housing caps. Our pressure housings can therefore be transformed into flexible external power supply solutions for your instrument set-up.

The battery containers are made of fibre reinforced synthetic, anodized aluminium. Key features are light weight and easy servicing. Off-the-shelf available lithium, alkaline or NiMH battery cells can be refilled by the customer.

Configurable Battery Container

Our configurable battery containers are a flexible and easy to handle solution to submarine power supply requirements.

They are designed to fit into develogic MCH and DW.TH housings and to accommodate LR20 (size D) primary or rechargeable standard batteries and are available in several sizes up to 171 cells for MCH Housings and 56 cells for DW.TH housings. Custom DW.TH housings can be equipped with larger battery containers.

The container integrated circuit board with its Schottky-diode-matrix supports the safe operation of e.g. the 49-cell container in 7p7s, 3p14s, 2p21s or 49s configurations.

If equipped with Lithium Primary Cells this 49-cell container delivers – depending on the chosen cell type and discharge characteristics – up to 3,000Wh@25V or 2,500Wh@50V.

With Alkaline batteries 880Wh@10.5V or 750Wh@21V & 42V are possible.

If the container is to be equipped with rechargeable cells, a low-voltagecutoff option is available in the integrated circuit board in order to avoid deep discharge.

Technical Data

- MCBH8F connector, other connectors possible
Electrical Configuration
(9s19p means 19 rows in parallel with 9 cells in a row)
MCH Standard: 7s7p / 14s3p / 21s2p
- With shorter battery container also e.g. 6s7p / 12s3p / 18s2p etc.
MCH Large: 9s19p / 18s9p
- With shorter battery container also e.g. 8s19p / 16s9p etc.
DW.TH Standard: 8s7p / 16s3p / 24s2p
DW.TH Compact: 4s7p
- Composite POM / aluminium / glass / epoxy
Power Capacity
MCH Standard: 3,000 Wh / 25V (7s7p – Lithium)
MCH Large: 10,500 Wh / 32V (9s19p – Lithium)
DW.TH Standard: 3,400 Wh / 28.5V (8s7p)
- Easy battery replacement with standard batteries LR20 (size D)
- Designed to fit into our MCH and DW.TH housings



Our brochure can be downloaded here: Refillable Battery Container