develogic subsea systems

Mooring Swivels with or without Electrical Feed Through


develogic mooring swivels are made of titanium with high working load to cover a wide range of underwater applications.

Due to its full titanium design and high quality bearings and seals, the swivels allow for fail-safe operation in depths up to 6,000m.

The develogic swivel is non-corrosive, maintenance-free and ideal for long-term deployments.

The oil-filled design and unique pressure balance system ensure free swiveling and remove torque for protection against tangling in the mooring – even in turbulent seawater.

Different swivel versions with or without electrical feed through and for different working loads up to 300kN are available.

The version with electrical feed through allows relaying data and power over rotating interfaces – such as mooring line attachment points on buoys. The swivel is available with 6 channels or alternatively with 12 channels. Custom solutions with higher number of channels are available on request.

Technical Data

Main Features
- Material: Titanium grade 5
- Angular ball bearings
- Oil filled, pressure balanced
- Rated to 6,000m
- Maintenance free
- High performance synthetic shackle bushings
- Safe operation load up to 300kN (Swivel.C15:15kN; Swivel.C45:45Kn)
- Breaking load for Swivel.C15:60kN; for Swivel.C45:200Kn
- Available with or without electrical feed through
- Swivels with conductive feed through for 6 or 12 electrical signals + Gnd
- Weight: 1,700g (Swivel.C15)
- Displacement: 420ml (Swivel.C15)
- Connectors: MCBH8F/M or MCBH16F/M
- Swivel.C15: for 1.5t (4.75) shackles with 14mm (22mm) bolt diameter (Swivel.C45)
Swivel Versions with Conductive Feed Through
- Swivel.C15 (300 V DC/240V AC, 1A per signal)
- Swivel.C45 (300V DC/240V AC, 1A per signal)
- Swivel.C90 (5A / 600V)
- Swivel.C200 (5A / 600V)
- Swivel.C300 (5A / 600V)
Swivel Versions without Conductive Feed Through
- Swivel.15
- Swivel.45
- Swivel.90
- Swivel.200
- Swivel.300



Our brochure can be downloaded here: Swivel