develogic subsea systems


develogic subsea systems is a German-based company founded in 2000 with a focus on developing and manufacturing turn-key customized data-acquisition and telemetry solutions for marine monitoring applications.

To be able to deliver cost-effective systems with short turnaround times the company has developed a building block system containing all necessary elements for collecting data anywhere in the ocean and transporting it to the customers’ office. Available technology ranges from modular pressure housings, data loggers and acoustic telemetry solutions to seafloor landers, large sensors- and telemetry buoys.

Company Profile

The end-to-end design and manufacturing process integrates electronic and 3D mechanical design, multi-physics and structural simulation, 3D CAM and computer-aided inspection in order to provide consistent high quality to our customers.

In addition to the custom solutions business, develogic also specializes in marine acoustic solutions: acoustic telemetry systems with proven ranges up to 30,000m, passive recording capabilities up to 3 years and RAFOS sound sources for underwater navigation are part of the standard product portfolio.

Customers are well-known international research institutes, navies and companies in the renewable energy, construction and offshore oil and gas sector. develogics’ team of engineers as well as production experts enables us developing, manufacturing and supporting sophisticated systems for demanding subsea applications.

develogics’ standard product range includes hydroacoustic modems, satellite/RF communication modules, acoustic and seismic recording systems, underwater cameras, modular seafloor lander platforms and advanced pressure housings with depth ratings of 6000m and deeper.


Its extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities for both mechanical and electronic systems support the creation of highly integrated, unique solutions. In 2013, develogic invested more than EUR 1M in state of the art CNC machining centers as part of the extension of its mechanical workshop. Pick-and-place machines, a vapor phase soldering oven and related inspection, test and measurement equipment allow prototyping of highly integrated customised PCBs with shortest turnaround times.

With its up-to-date facility the company can offer the full range of specification, development and production of short and high quantities in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software, as well as quality assurance and in-house trials.


Quality assurance is covered by an extensive range of test equipment including pressure chambers up to 12000psi/800bar with 300mm inner diameter, electrodynamic shock and vibration testing up to 500kg/100g, test tank, climate chamber and a large 5 axis coordinate measuring machine.