develogic subsea systems

visit develogic at Ocean Business 2017 and attend our training and demonstration sessions

Southampton, UK / 04th – 06th April 2017 / Stand E3

Ocean Business in Southampton is the world’s largest hands-on ocean technology exhibition and training forum incorporating on-water, dockside and classroom training in addition to demonstration sessions.

At the upcoming Ocean Business 2017 develogic will showcase new and exciting systems such as our new LSL seafloor lander with integrated profiling winch, expendable popup communication buoys and more. 

To get the best possible insight of our systems and projects, we would like to invite you to our demonstration sessions.

Description Facility Date Time
Compact Gateway Buoy Test Tank Tuesday 4th April 09:30
Subsea Observatories with
Real-time Data Communication
Student Centre
Room 121/11
Tuesday 4th April 14:00
Modular Seafloor Lander with
Integrated Microprofiler
Test Tank Wednesday 5th April 15:00
Popup Telemetry Solutions Test Tank Thursday 6th April 12:00

How to attend

Ocean Business exhibition and training & demonstration sessions are FREE to attend. Visitors are encouraged to register for Ocean Business

If you wish to reserve one of our limited seats for our training and demonstration sessions, please contact us before Wednesday, 22nd March 2017. Reservations will be made on a first come first serve basis.

Detailed System Information

Compact Gateway Buoy

A small & easy to deploy satellite telemetry gateway buoy with acoustic and inductive subsea communication.

The new MI.Sat II buoy is based on a design already proven in various deployments near the Cape Verde Islands and in the Irminger Sea south of Greenland.

The buoy is suitable for deep water moorings with mooring lengths of 6,000m and more. As the unit is designed to withstand external pressure up to 50bar, temporary submerging during deployment or heavy weather is not a problem.

Subsea Observatories with Real-time Data Communication

Acoustic, inductive, optical and pop-up telemetry. Sub sea networking by combining multiple telemetry systems. A case study based on multinode monitoring during the U864 stabilisation and other projects.

Modular Seafloor Lander with Integrated Microprofiler

Acoustic profiling and multiparameter profile measurements for seafloor observatories.

Demonstration of deployment, operation and recoviery of our LSL seafloor lander system with integrated profiler winch for multiparameter profiling and acoustic measurements.

The system is available with depth ratings down to 6000m. The profiling range extends to 100m+ above the seafloor.

Various sensor solutions including active acoustic systems are available.

Popup Telemetry Solutions

Compact seafloor lander combined with popup data ferries with Iridium data transmission.

An autonomous oceanographic sensor platform with expendable pop up telemetry buoys. The ECB popup data ferries are ideal solutions for transporting data from subsea installations to the customers data network without the need of installing a surface relay system or paying regular visits by vessel in order to download data or even recover the system to get data access